Issue 9

Industry News

Soundcloud getting close to closing a deal with major labels

Reports have come out that Soundcloud are getting really close to securing a deal with Universal, Sony and Warner that will see them continue to host songs from the labels. While this would make the news from last week about the app for Universal make sense, it still makes me sad that it feels like they want to focus on the big boys and not the community that has made them what they are. Makes complete sense from a business point of view, but kind of sounds like they’re willing to shit on their users for dollar signs. I hope I’m being unnecessarily harsh, and something awesome comes out of this.

Live Nation launches Boomrat, an ‘EDM Discovery Platform’ (read: Hype Machine clone)

It sounds like live music giants Live Nation are trying to copy Hype Machine by launching an EDM discovery platform that pulls from streaming services like Soundcloud to deliver what’s trending within the world of EDM. Not to sound too cynical, but I hope this either offers something interesting and new or crashes and burns for trying to cash in the hard work that others have been doing…

Microsoft open up their Xbox Music API to everyone

It’s taken them a while, but Microsoft have opened their Xbox Music API to third party developers. It’ll allow anyone developing for pretty much any platform to use their REST APIs, and also opens up affiliate channels to developers, which is a feature no one else is really offering (he says with absolutely no research). While I don’t see this making a massive splash in the iOS or Android worlds, I do think this is an exciting step forward for anyone making anything for Xbox, Windows or Windows Phone.

The Latest Awesome – a list of people not to sample

Not awesome, but definitely useful, is a list of all the artists who are currently serving takedown notices, which is handy for anyone who posts DJ sets, mixes or bootlegs, or does remixes, edits or mashups. It’s sad that this is becoming a problem, as remix culture in the 90s led to such an awesome culture of music and some mighty talented musicians, but while it’s like that, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Interactive map of NY’s references in songs

A developer has curated a massive list of New York references in songs and then plotted them using Google Maps. It’s not the techiest of hacks, but is still quite a neat little way of showing the love for a city via songs, and I’d love to see a global version of this happen at some point. Anyone want to build it?

Tuna Knobs – the knobs that make any touchscreen a real-life controller

A few guys in the Netherlands have launched and funded an awesome idea to create knobs that add physical controls to any touchscreen device.¬†I’ve always written off the iPad as a serious controller because I like the feeling of physical controls in my hand, as you can get far more precision with physical knobs. With these kind of advances coming out, I can only expect more people to start using touchscreens as controllers, and therefore see far better controller apps being released. I can’t wait!

Music Hack Day is coming to Berlin

Music Hack Day is coming to Berlin as part of Berlin Music Week, and already has an awesome lineup of supporters including Spotify, Rdio, The EchoNest, and Beatguide. Registrations are open now, so go and get your tickets!