Issue 5

Hoping to get the weekly nature of this beast tamed after this issue. The last week has seen a lot of chatter around the Apple/Beats deal, with lots of speculation as to what would be announced at WWDC around it. Alas, we were all disappointed by the resounding silence around the Beats deal, which I suppose was to be expected considering the ink is barely dry… 

Industry News

Latest on Apple/Beats: Ian Rogers and Trent Rezner confirmed to be staying

After speculation that there was a chance both the CEO and CCO wouldn’t be sticking around after the Apple merger, it came out yesterday that they would both indeed be staying on. This means that Apple now has a bit of a powerhouse of music industry talent, with Dr Dre, Jimmy Iovine, Trent Reznor and Ian Rogers. Iovine is a massive hitter in the record executive world, both Dr Dre and Trent Reznor cover off the consumer/commercial/music-maker and producer fields for various genres and Ian Rogers has the web/music credentials that are what made him the Beats CEO in the first place. If I was in a place to get screwed by Apple getting into the music business from an artists perspective, I would be worried right now.

Amazon Prime are adding streaming in the near future

Another one that is doing the rounds of the news sites over the past 24 hours is the news that Amazon are offering an audio streaming service to their Prime subscribers. It’s a pretty good deal, as users aren’t only getting the streaming, but all the other benefits of Prime. However, at the moment it’s only available for music that’s been released for more than 6 months. It’ll be interesting to see where they go with this, and what their mobile offering will be,  as they could really disrupt the other streaming services if they were to seriously wade into this battle.

Using iBeacons to get directly to fans at concerts, who create apps for fans to engage with artists, have started experimenting with iBeacons technology as a way to target people at gigs and give them exclusive offers/prizes. They did a pilot for City and Colour, where they set up iBeacons around the venue and fans were alerted via an app at various points through the show that they had won things like free upgrades, signed merch and the like. It’s an interesting idea, and I’d like to see some interesting applications beyond giveaways, but part of me feels that encouraging people to just stare at their phones during a concert takes something away…

Looks like Spotify users on Android may have been hacked

It may only be a single incident, but Spotify will be rolling out an update to Android users in the coming days around a potential hack that has affected at least one person’s account. It’s the first leak I’ve seen from Spotify, but in this day and age I’m never surprised when I hear of breaches like this. Let’s hope I’m wrong and we won’t see anymore from them.

The Latest Awesome – A new way to find music

A neat little side project popped up on my radar, where one guy has taken on the admirable task of cataloguing and tagging all the new music he listens to, starting with a 3,500 bulk of songs. You can then tweak genres using dials to change what it serves up to you. Simple, but quite effective way of searching through new music. He also said that he’ll be updating it every day.

HackTheSpace art hack happening in the Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall

The Space, run by BBC, and 3 Beards have teamed up to host a massive art hack in the cavernous Turbine Hall at Tate Modern in London. It’s happening on the 13th/14th of June, and I’m not sure if applications are still open, but you can apply at the link above. The Space are responsible for some amazing digital art projects, like Peter Gregson‘s the Listening Machine, so it’ll be interesting to see the kind of folks who come along and make stuff for this. I’m hoping to get an eye in on what goes on on the day.

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