Issue 7

It’s been a relatively quiet week in the world of music/dev. If anyone has anything they’ve been tinkering with, any new libraries, languages or any other hackery that suits music dev, or crazy new synth stuff that they’d like to see shared, then please get in touch on Twitter or email!

Industry News

Major labels getting pushy with Spotify to sell

Fresh rumours were out last week around the fact that major label investors in Spotify are apparently trying to push the company to either sell or provide some kind of liquidity. The figures that are being thrown around are around the $10bn mark, which would put it in the same realm as WhatsApp in terms of startup acquisition, but other analysts are saying that they wouldn’t get anywhere near that, saying the bubble has already burst. It’d be a shame to see Spotify be sold to someone without the best interests at heart, considering it’s proved to be such a game changer in the industry.

LittleBits to get MIDI, CV and USB Audio modules

Korg’s team up with LittleBits on their synth offering got me wetting my pants when it was first announced, but the recent news that they’ll be including MIDI and CV modules in the future is rather exciting. I think it’s a rather awesome move to not only include MIDI, which will basically allow you to control it within any DAW, but also CV so you can interface with analogue synths as well. Can’t wait to get my hands on some kit and have a play…

A couple more music startups shut down

News also came out last week that indie promotion/streaming platform EarBits and live video delivery service Lively have both shut down due to lack of funding/revenue. It’s sad to see good ideas fail like this, but it did feel a little bit like the indian summer of the music tech world a year or so ago when any music-based startup was getting funding and being hailed as the next best thing. Maybe this is natural selection in action, or maybe these guys will take their learnings from where they failed and start the next big thing…

V&A acquires Glastonbury archives

The V&A and Glastonbury Festival have struck a deal for the museum to get access to more than 40 years of the festival’s archives. It’ll be interesting to see what the V&A do with it other than act as an archive, but I’d love to see some public data/API come out of it to allow people to play with such a large collection of live footage of some of the biggest bands of the last fifty years.

The Latest Awesome

Music Hackspace hackathon at NIME 2014

The folks at NIME and Music Hackspace are teaming up to put on an all day hack in London on the 4th of July. I’m trying to clear my diary so I can get down there to play with some ideas I’ve had, but keep an eye on the Music Hackspace website for when they open registration.

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